Front Cross Threadle Handling – Same Side

Ever hear of Threadle handling before?¬† If so and you don’t know what it is then this is a great video demonstration.

It shows this variation of the Front Cross called the Threadle, serpentine work over three jumps where the handler stays on the same side.

This is a nice example of one of many exercises you can use to keep your dog focused on your body cues as well as work on your body position to avoid pushing your dog over the jump incorrectly.

What is really fun about this video is that is shows how much you can work on with your dog with only jumps.

Handler position and clear body language is crucial in this work as well as timing of your cues.

Just by being to close to the next jump you could signal your dog to jump the wrong side of the jump.

Try it first with the jumps low then add height as well as placing the jumps closer together to increase  the difficulty.

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