Foundation Dog Agility Training For Puppy

This video is packed with great examples of all the work you can do with a young dog before hitting any equipment.

It is a common belief that a dog should not be introduced to dog agility equipment until after they turn one year.

That leaves you with about six months of quality time to be teaching your up and coming pup the ropes of dog agility.

There is so much you can do that is completely puppy safe and grows the bond and mind in a fun and invigorating manner.

You still have to be careful when working with a puppy to keep sessions short and upbeat.

You need to learn how to incorporate certain wanted behaviors into daily life without turning them into long sessions.

For example, a puppy should learn to sit and wait for the release to go to the dinner dish or a door opening outside.

These behaviors will not only keep your dog safe they will establish your role as leader in your “pack.”