Flyball Relay Demonstration

In flyball, two teams of four dogs race down side-by-side runs over 4 jumps on a 51 foot long course.

Each dog runs goes over the jumps, triggers a flyball box, releases the ball, catches the ball, and returns over the jumps.

The next dog is released to run with great timing so he can be up to speed by the time he reaches the start line without crossing before the returning dog.

The team that gets all 4 dogs through the course without faults the fastest wins the heat.

You will notice in most flyball teams that there is one dog much smaller than the others.

This is because jump height is determined by the height of the smallest dog at the withers and is known as the height dog and ranges from 8-14 inches

This video not only demonstrate how the dogs run the course, it also shows crowd participation which leads to an increase of interest in the sport.

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