Excellent Speed and Clean Run Relay Agility DKK Viby

This amazing team of Shetland Sheepdogs not only have the only clean relay run of 16 teams but also the fastest.

If you have never seen Agility Relay you will be hooked after watching this team run in the first Maxi Zoo Cup relay.

This is a three dog/handler team. There are also two and four dog/handler teams.

In running order: Jesper Carstensen & Indi – Laila Carstensen & Louie – Jesper Kjær & Emsi

Some run completely different courses that are side by side and others run different obstacles on the same course.

They all run a relay and must wait for the one dog to finish their run before starting the next team.

Some competitions use a baton pass to start the next dog and the hand offs can get a bit “hairy.”

Great performance by this team and if you enjoyed watching it be sure to Like and Share it with others.