Example of Beginner Dog Agility Test

Maybe you or someone you know is having trouble committing to trying dog agility because they have watched too many WAO runs and are severely intimidated.

If that is true than here is a perfect video to show what can be expected from a beginner dog agility team at the end of their beginner program.

These are simple tasks that your team would be asked to complete in order to move up into the next level of agility training.

It is our hope that after watching these short tests that you will see that you don’t have to complete an entire course in a short 8wk period.

Most of these tests only require that you complete the desired obstacles correctly one time before moving to the next one.

If you or someone you know is on the fence about starting in dog agility, be sure to LIKE this video and then SHARE it with them so they can see how laid back and fun dog agility really is.