Easy Indoor Dog Agility 2on 2off Contact Training

Just because you are stuck in the house doesn’t mean you can’t be practicing your dog agility 2on2off contacts.

Amber Abbett shows you how you can work on your contacts in a small area with a 3′ x 1′ plank. If you have room, you can also use the plank from your teeter.

Though these exercises are aimed at the dog that has not executed the dog-walk before, it is also great for dogs that need a refresher or need a 2on 2off along with their running contact.

As with all training, take your time. Note that Amber says the final results shown at the start of the video takes about 2 weeks.

If your dog is showing aversion to the lesson in any way, go back to a point in the training where your dog is happy and eager to play and start from there with smaller steps.

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