Don’t Accept Anything Less Than Your Best “Dare To Win”

I always enjoy Emilie’s inspirational videos and this is no exception.

In any competition it is easy to accept less than your best as an excuse to not lay it on the line.

How will we ever know what our best is if we don’t “Dare ourselves To Win?”

That doesn’t mean we have to be the best team in the world, it means we have to be our best team.

Go beyond our comfort zones and take some risks so we can learn what we can really do.

Always improving something, whether it be a faster run or just a cleaner run.

Never accept mediocrity…that is what kills our desire to improve…becoming satisfied with “ok” instead of  “our best.”

Be sure to share this kick in the pants with all your friends and lets get out there and strive to be our best, whatever that is for you.