Dog Agility Weave Poles can be a Dog’s Nemesis

Almost all dogs can do dog agility to some degree, but not all dogs take to it like a duck to water despite their breed.

Tinker is a Lurcher Dog that loves agility, but just had a tough time learning the weave poles according to her handler, Jan.

Using the channel weaves with wires, you will see in this second part of training how she is starting to understand them.

This video was taken in 2008 and we are not sure how long they had to work on the weaves, but we found them again in competition with a super weave performance.

It is a great example of how patience and consistency are the key to teaching any and all dogs this great sport.

If you have a dog with a sticky spot in their training, remember you are not alone and you will have a light-bulb moment if you stick with it.