Dog Agility Training With Happy Tails is Just That

Great video of some of the students from Happy Tails Dog Training in Rapid City, South Dakota.

And the name fits as you see several different breeds with tails wagging.  Well, except for the Aussies…

Getting with a group is great for dog agility training both for you and your dog.

It is great for your dog to work around the distractions of different dogs as well as being in a “competition” environment.

It is also great for you as you will get help with issues right away as well as see you are not the only one with them.

It is also great for moral support both on and off the competition field with the support of friends.

This group is having a great time as everyone in dog agility should so be sure to Like and Share this with others.

Even if you do get in with a group, you will still need to do your homework and that may require some backyard equipment that can take the abuse but not break the bank.  So, check out Affordable Agility’s full line of dog agility equipment and get started on your journey with dog agility.