Dog Agility Contact Surface Comparison Rubberized vs Sand

As agility dogs get faster and the courses get harder, you will start to see changes in the equipment used on course.

One of the biggest changes is the surface of the contact obstacles from sand pant to a rubberized surface.

This video shows the difference the surface makes to this Border Collie, Abbi, as she runs two different courses.

You will see how much more confident Abbi is on the rubberized surfaces and how much control she has of her body.

What you cannot see is the difference it makes on her feet as she slides on the down side of the contacts.

The rubberized surface does not cut or burn her pads, plus she has more grip which cuts down the possibility of strain or fall offs from losing her footing.

If you or your club needs to rubberize your contacts, check out www.affordableagility’s rubberizing kit and get your contacts safe for your dogs.