Dog Agility Bloopers Happen To Us All

Henriette Monsen captured a bunch of really good bloopers from trials she attended in 2014 and compiled them by obstacle.

She starts with one that hits close to home, dogs leaving the course with their handler’s desperately trying to get them back.

She gets some really nice tunnel traps that team after team fall for, proving the difficulty of the course which can make you feel better.

Botched weaves are always comical as well as trying to get you and your dog back on the same page with a botched jump wrap.

But the scariest are the contacts bloopers with fly-offs, fall offs and jump offs that will leave your heart in your throat.

If you found yourself cringing because you have had a brush with these bloopers yourself, but also smiling because you know you are not alone, be sure to LIKE and then SHARE so others can understand it happens to us all.