Does Your Dog Have Hip Dysplasia

Many dog owners have heard the term Hip Dysplasia, but might not know what it is or how to see it.

And while it mostly affects large breed dogs, it has been found in medium and small dogs as well.

This video does a great job of covering the main aspects of hip dysplasia and it’s diagnosis.

If you are planning on purchasing a large breed dog predisposed to this condition you need do your research.

Only go to a reputable breeder and always ask to see the hip certification on both parents.

If you rescue a large breed learn to the signs such as the “bunny hop” gait, avoidance of activities normally enjoyed

or difficulty getting up or laying down and have your dog examined when you do.

Many cases can be helped with diet, medication and changes in exercise routines especially if the dog is over weight.

And as mentioned in the video each dog is different in their response to the pain so it is important you have your dog

examined when you notice changes in behavior that point to joint discomfort.

The sooner you can get your dog diagnosed the better the results your treatments will get.

There is some debate, but the truth is once the cartilage is gone and the bones are deteriorated then pain management becomes your only solution.

Please pass this video along so everyone can be informed about this condition and how to see it.