Do your Dogs open Christmas Presents

It is always fun to watch dogs open their own Christmas presents, unless, like kids, they love the wrapping more than the toys.

For those of you that already use food puzzles with your dogs, this game is going to be a snap though still fun for everyone.

For those of you that want to try it for the first time we have a few helpful hints to ensure you all get enjoyment from the game.

Start with a toy or treat that is loosely wrapped and help your dog if necessary until they figure out there is a reward.

As your dog gets better you can start wrapping toys tighter and even nest the gift in other boxes or wrapping.

CAUTION: Please remove all tags, labels or choking hazards before wrapping the gift and make sure your dog can get instant gratification by removing packaging or taking treats out of containers, at least one. This is what encourages them to keep trying.