Dish’s Tunnel Accident in Dog Agility Competition

Most of us have seen the accidents involved with the tire jump and maybe even some spills off contact obstacles.

This, however, was the first time I have seen a dog get injured inside the tunnel obstacle.

Apparently, the straps used squish the top of the tunnel down by 2″ – 4″ while the entrance stays the full height.

This causes the dog to misjudge the room they have and hit the now solid tunnel with their head, shoulders or spine.

Just like any of the other obstacles in dog agility, we want them challenging, but not at the expense of safety.

And as the dogs keep getting better and faster we need to make changes in equipment to accommodate these changes.

Fortunately in this case, Dish was checked by the vet and found he was ok and had no worries about doing tunnels again.

Get the word out about properly securing tunnels by Sharing this video as well as proper use of bags or better yet…

Alternative braces such as these pvc braces by Affordable Agility.