Diego the Dog Agility Poodle at Home

We were browsing around for Poodle agility dogs when we found this great practice video with Diego.

We have seen Diego in competition and he is a great dog handled by a Stephanie, forming a great team.

This is a super video because it not only takes a glimpse into their personal workouts, but also a great layout.

You get to see all that you can accomplish with just four jumps, a tunnel, and a set of weave poles.

In fact, Stephanie did such a great job with creative courses, we didn’t notice it was only four jumps at first.

Even if you only have room for four jumps, this video shows you a bunch of exercises you can work on. If you need more equipment, head on over to Affordable Agility and check out their full line of practice, travel, and competition equipment. They even have TDAA equipment for the small dogs.