Did You Know the Easter Bunny Does Agility?

Don’t believe me?  Then watch for yourself as you will see the latest trend in being an Easter bunny.

Many Easter Bunnies are tired of being chased after by mean dogs and runny nosed kids so they started a new fad.

The Easter Bunny Hustle as demonstrated by this bunny from Vancouver, British Columbia is safe and a great way for all bunnies to keep in shape during the Easter season.

The craze was started several years back when a Colorado Easter Bunny lost his tail to a mean dog on Easter.

Though some Easter Bunnies still have it in them to hide eggs and baskets, the Easter Bunny Hustle is finding resounding acceptance by the older slower bunnies.

If you have kids or grand-kids, keep those dogs inside and your agility equipment picked up or your neighborhood might be the next to loose it’s Easter Bunny to the Easter Bunny Hustle.

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