Dazzle Does Just That at the 2008 NADAC Championships

Katherine and her dog Dazzle are another team that has super distance work and are an amazing team to watch.

This video is a bit longer than what we would normally share, but I am sure you wont notice the time watching this team’s runs from the 2008 NADAC Championships.

Katherine explains how they ran the special skills classes (weavers, touch n go, tunnelers, etc) that they combined two runs into one long run.

Confusing to watch, but just know that Dazzle won her division with a little more than a 27 point lead.

Keep in mind that at the time of this competition Katherine is a Jr. Handler as they walked away with these special awards:

Highest Scoring Versatility (all rounds combined) Junior Handler, Highest Scoring Versatility Border Collie from Washington, Highest Scoring Junior Handler in Tunnelers.

Not bad considering Katherine couldn’t run in June and wasn’t allowed to do front crosses until late August due to a leg injury requiring a full leg brace.

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