Dashiell’s Mom Gets Paid For This Fullhouse Run

This is another great run on a CPE FullHouse course by Dashiell and his handler.

Now I know you should have a “course” laid out in your mind for this game, but I can see where you would need to improvise depending on your dog’s speed.

You can see where Dashiell looks a bit bewildered when he is called back to repeat the tunnel and a bit of fumbling into the weaves.

It is a great game for dogs that get into a routine in an agility course as Fullhouse doesn’t always have a smooth flowing pattern and it causes the dog to concentrate and not second guess the handler.

This team even got a bonus prize at the end of the run when they find some dollar bills laying near the fence.

Great run by this team and lots of fun to watch Dashiell’s face during the course.

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