Cricket The Long Haired Whippet Plays CPE Games With Ease

Is this your first time seeing a long haired Whippet? What a beautiful dog and a great job on these CPE courses.

This is Cricket’s third CPE trial in which they run Jackpot, Wildcard, Jumpers and Snookers.

A great example of the games as you can easily see the layout and the “Gamblers” section of the Jackpot course.

These runs earned them a “Q” in all classes as well as three first places. Well done team Cricket!

For those new to the games, in a nutshell:

Jackpot is a two part course where the team must accumulate points in a free choice portion and at the whistle complete a prescribed course with handler staying behind a line finishing at the table.

Wildcard has a course of 10 obstacles completed in sequence plus three locations where the team has a choice between two obstacles with specifications on how many times the number choice can be made.

Jumpers is made of 12 to 20 obstacles completed in sequence marked by the cones.

Snookers is a bit more complicated with the team having to alternate between red obstacle and non-color obstacle.  The red obstacles are usually marked with a tall red flag and placed on the perimeter of the course.  Otherwise it is a free form run and a point accumulation game during a set time. Once the buzzer sounds the dog must touch the tabletop with at least one foot.