Correct use of the Flirt Pole for Your Agility Dog

Though originally used for dogs with aggressive behavior or impulse control issues, the flirt pole is becoming more popular.

It is a super way to teach impulse control, burn extra energy, and solidify other commands as well.

We do want to put it a small warning – Your dog must be able to release a toy when asked in order to maintain a controlled game.

Do not start work/play with the flirt pole if your dog will not release the toy or have at least a small amount of impulse control.

The flirt pole is amazing exercise for both the mind and the body of a dog when used correctly as shown in this video.

If you or someone you know has a dog that could benefit from these exercises, be sure to SHARE this video on the correct use of the flirt pole. For the tug game you need to master before using the flirt pole, click here.