Closing Out a Great Summer of Dog Agility with Yim

It is always hard to believe that one season has come to an end and another is just beginning in all aspects of life.

But it is especially fun to watch the highlight reels of a competition season past and remember all the fun we had.

Emelie Magnusson and her beautiful and highly talented dog Yim are always a treat to watch together.

And this is a super highlight video of their 2014 Summer Competition season in all it’s glory.

Please remember that this is a highlight reel.  Don’t use it to compare your team to unless it is to motivate you to reach higher goals.

I guarantee that Emelie and Yim are as real as everyone else and they have “bad” days just like everyone else.

So let this team be in inspiration to you and your friends by SHARING it with them and letting us know you LIKE it.