Cheetah Runs Team Competiton With Skill and a Happy Face

These are some really nice runs by Wendy and her dog, Cheetah, a Golden Retriever.

This was during a team competition where three dog and handler teams make up one team for the competition.

Cheetah stays connected to Wendy and not being fooled by any of the traps even those in the Gambler’s run!

Dropped bars on the second run must have been a real bummer as it was caused by Cheetah rubbing the standard.

She doesn’t say how the overall team does, but she and Cheetah have great placings and runs to be proud of.

I think team competitions like this are great for fun and for learning as your team counts on your runs adding pressure and desire to do your best.  If you agree be sure to hit LIKE and SHARE it with others.