Charmin, the First MACH 6 Irish Setter in the World

One MACH title is an accomplishment, but 6 in a life time is phenomenal for even the most ardent of competitors.

According to AKC rules, “In order to achieve the MACH title one must earn 20 Double Q’s and 750 points.

In order to get a Double Q, the handler and the dog must run both the Jumpers and the Standard course perfectly.”

And when they say perfect they mean no faults and at or under the set course time to avoid failing at the double Q.

Points are earned by being under the set time so if your team runs 7 seconds under time you gain 7 points on that run.

Charmin did that 6 times so it is no wonder she was top AKC agility Irish Setter for three years.

Charmin was also invited to the AKC Inv. 5 years in a row, making finals in 2009 and awarded top Irish Setter.

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