Bridging the Gap to a Deaf Dog’s World

This beautiful dog’s complete story is not really known and we aren’t told how this training facility got him.

What is so very sad is they had no idea the dog was deaf and why he was so distracted and not willing to focus.

They found out he was deaf.  It wasn’t that he was ignoring their teaching, it was that he could not hear them.

Now, here is the issue – this group uses an ecollar and that is how they bridged the gap to this dog’s world.

And while many of us would never use a “shock collar” based merely on the thought of causing the dog pain as the name implies, maybe there is a time and a place for one being properly used?

In these circumstances I would have to vote no as you could teach this dog focus without it and while you are “working” you could get this kind of response without one.

But what about when your dog is “off duty?”  In the house you need your dog to come to you but cannot go find him or there is an emergency and he has his back to you?

We should never base decisions on fear or lack of knowledge, if you agree be sure to click LIKE.