Boredom Buster for You and Your Agility Dog

You are stuck inside for whatever reason, you and your dog are about to completely lose it from boredom and being inside.

You have run through all your games and even taught a few new body awareness activities, but still you need more.

How about teaching scent work to your dog?  This one easy talent will open up a whole new world of fun opportunities.

And if you are literally stuck at home, no worries, you can teach this game using materials that you have around the house.

In this video you will first learn how to teach your dog how to target with a “sniff” and “paw” or whatever cues you want.

Then you will learn how to teach your dog to use problem solving and chaining to create the more complex behavior.

Don’t wait until you have taught and played this game to LIKE it and be sure to SHARE it with all your dog loving friends so they can combat the blues of being stuck indoors.