Australian Koolies and Dog Agility Seem to go Hand in Hand

So just what is the Australian Koolie anyway. According to breeders they are devoted companions, dependable and highly trainable dogs.

They were used and bred for stock work in Australia from the 1800’s and work sheep, cattle, goat, duck and buffalo and will work in any situation, such as yard, shed, truck, race, field, scrub and droving.

Not only does the breed excel in herding, they are found in search & rescue, therapy, human assistance, seizure alert, customs and bomb detection.

The list doesn’t stop there, they also excel in sports such as agility, tracking, utility, obedience, dock diving, dancing, Frisbee and retrieval.

Though they are not lap dogs, they are great additions to active lifestyles and make superior companions or service dogs.

If you or someone you know is looking for the next agility dog, you may want to check out the Australian Koolie.