Another Tire Accident That Could Have Been Avoided

This video breaks my heart every time I watch it, but it sends a clear message about the danger of non-displaceable tires.

And while not every crash results in injury, in this case the dog WAS injured and there is no reason for it.

An otherwise excellent run cut short and with injury to the dog and it may have also damaged the dog’s confidence.

Please spread this video to make all aware of the dangers and to speak up about change!

And while I know there is expenses involved in making changes in equipment, some are well justified.

If you need to add a Breakaway Tire Obstacle to your club or group, you can find them at Affordable Agility. This tire is the same design approved and recommended by CPE. Other organizations that recommend it include AAC and ASCA, and it is required by NADAC. Be a part of the solution.