Anéou the Pyrenean Shepherd With No Fear in Dog Agility pt 3

Anéou is a Pyrenean Shepherd with no fear when it comes to dog agility which makes the sport a bit more complicated for Anéou’s handler.

When we posted a video that showcased some significant bloopers by this fast and furious little dog, it created quite a stir.

In fact, it caused us to go back and find some more videos of this team showing how they address these issues at other times.

This video is an actual trial where Anéou pulls some of the stunts like teeter fly-offs and missing the down contact.

It also shows how Anéou’s handler addresses each issue as they arise at this trial to further proof Anéou’s performance.

It is great to see teams working on their weak points both on and off the competition course so be sure you check out the other two video’s we posted of this team to get the full picture of how hard it is to run a dog like Anéou.