Anéou the Pyrenean Shepherd With No Fear in Dog Agility pt 2

We posted a blooper montage of this team that turned out to be a very hot topic on the choices made by the handler.

We sought out this video that shows the handler is very good with addressing those issues here at a training trial.

You will see that Anéou has a very solid downside contact on both the a-frame and the dog walk and super directionals.

You will also see how they work Anéou’s hastey performance of the teeter by working a down on both sides of the teeter.

What we cannot see is what goes though Anéou’s head at an actual trial, which is a huge issue for many that run dogs like this.

So while the blooper clips were somewhat edgy we hope you will agree that this team is talented and works hard at making a good go at trials.