Andrew Explains Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Though a bit longer than most videos we share, we felt the information highly valuable on hip dysplasia.

Dog agility is a sport that requires jumping and climbing, activities that can exasperate the condition.

And believe it or not, large dogs to not top the list of breeds prone to it. Bulldogs and Pugs hold the top two positions. Click here to see where your breed lands.

Knowing more about hip dysplasia is the best defense for you and your dog, especially if your dog is a breed prone to the condition.

Note that while some pups may show early signs of hip dysplasia, many will “out grow” their symptoms.

This is very relevant to anyone adopting a breed that is prone to the condition so you can be on the outlook for it.

One of the signs is refusal to perform an obstacle either from the start or when you reach full height in training.

Please do your part in getting the truth out about this condition with a SHARE. Most dogs with hip dysplasia can still live happy productive lives.