The Happiest Bloopers Award Goes To…

You can’t help but smile as this team tries to get around the course, correctly.

The dog does just about everything but go through the tunnels or chute and throws in some creative weaving as well.

The handler is doing her best to direct her dog and is doing a nice job of it, but it doesn’t matter if the dog isn’t watching.

Even so, the dog does win the Happiest Blooper award as it is grinning ear to ear the entire time.

Keep watching as she adds runs where it all comes together and they do master the run.

It seems to just be a matter of the dog staying focused on taking directions instead of saying, “I got this one mom!”

I have found that to be a strong trait in the smart ones and once harnessed they are unstoppable!

Way to be consistent and upbeat with the dog even when they embarrass us.

Be sure to share this one if you have had this kind of run before too.