Amazing Miss Lilli Earns Agility Dog of the Year

A moving and well put together documentary of Jenny Damm and Lilli’s amazing journey through their first year.

It is easy to see why this team in a mere 8 months achieved the 2013 Swedish Agility Dog of the Year.

This video also captures the pure joy and energy of the Border Collie that turns into that epic concentration and focus they are known for in the work they do.

It is also a tribute to the talent and ability of Jenny’s training and coaching abilities to bring all that out in a youngster.

For all of us that started dog agility later in our dog’s life and with a breed not as adept as a Border Collie in agility, it is an inspiration to watch, but don’t think less of yourself.

Your road is different and most likely a bit bumpier making your achievements every bit as impressive as a team that has been immersed in agility training from day one and a dog bred for the sport.

So Share this video with your friends as an inspiration and give yourself and your dog a pat on the back for all you have accomplished on your journey in dog agility.