Amazing Dog Agility Papillon and Pumi with Katarina Podlipnik

While almost everyone is familiar with the Papillon or Butterfly Dog, many have never seen a Pumi before.

We introduce to you, Minu, one of the fastest Pumi’s we have ever seen giving a great testament to the breed as agility dogs.

We are not trying to overshadow Energy’s performance as one of the fastest Papillons you will every see as Energy is just that.

These are great runs that are fun to watch and see the different handling moves Katarina Podlipnik chooses for her dogs.

It is so amazing how sensitive these dogs are to Katarina’s every move and how easy it is to push them out just a bit too far.

They are so in-tuned to her that they will actually go around a jump without hesitation whereas my dog would take anything in his path.

Be sure to Share this stunning team work with all your agility loving friends, because even at their worst they are far better than many.