Amazing Change in Zsofia and Nugat’s Dog Agility Performance

Katarina Podlipnik shares another success story of a team that wasn’t reaching their full potential and came to her for help.

Nugat is a talented Mudi and was competing in dog agility, but Nugat just wasn’t all into the game as you will see in the first clips.

When Nugat and Zsofia learned how to build speed, motivation and drive in Nugat they became a whole new team.

Katarina taught this team about correct play and reward as well as how to find alternate motivators and raise criteria correctly.

It is absolutely amazing how big a difference seemingly small adjustments made in this team’s performance, like night and day.

An amazing change that could happen for any team, click LIKE if you agree. If your team is stuck in a rut, it may be time to seek help and learn a new angle.