What Good Is A Dog Agility Jumping Chute

This evaluation of Nick-L’s jumping technique by Agility Flix is a really neat way to see the value of jumping chutes/grids.

They show you the grid and the dog performing it for the first time then show it again in slow motion.

They also stop the video to analyze each part of the sequence making it really easy to follow along.

It also helps you to see just the advantages of the dog learning to use itself correctly on the approach, flight and landing.

If you really want to learn the mechanics of the dog jumping, this is a great video to watch.

The poodle really makes an excellent study with the only draw back being the beautiful hair cut.

The next time you are on course, watch your dog and see how they are taking the jumps.

If you don’t already, you may find they could really benefit from grid work.

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