Agility Training Jack Russell Style

This is a very food motivated dog!  Even when playing with a tug toy as a reward, he quits as soon as there is a hint of food.

Yeah, he takes the toy again out of obligation, but drops it to be ready for the FOOD!

Too funny to watch this little guy run the obstacles and when they took the weaves off slow motion, I realized how fast he really gobbled down the treat on the target plate.

A substantial part of your success with dog agility training is knowing what the BEST motivator for your dog is, not what works best for you. While it is obvious this dog loves food others love only a certain toy.

When using food a neat trick to keep your dog from dodging an obstacle to get to the target plate is get a clear tube from the hardware store (crown bolt clear can – Home Depot) designed to hold screws/nails/etc with rubber tops one of which has a slit to allow the objects in and out.

Then the dog can see the treat but not get to it.  Click Like if you got a kick out of this Jack Russell.