Afghan Hound Nyara Flies in Dog Agility

This Afghan Hound is in it for keeps with a simply brilliant run that any handler would be proudĀ  as Tuuli surely is.

Their rhythm is right in sync and Nyara is locked onto Tuuli both close and at a distance with grace and confidence.

Nyara doesn’t slow for a single obstacle until Tuuli asks for a check in at the weaves entry that pays off for them.

With a beautiful run up to the end, it is heart wrenching to see Nyara miss the tire obstacle as the second to last jump.

However, one cannot blame Nyara as from the camera angle the tire is pretty hard to see with the background it is facing.

Either way, Nyara has a beautiful run, is a beautiful dog and this team is obviously having a great time, so go ahead and give them a LIKE.