Affordable Agility, Inc. Witnessing Dog Agility History at Westminster Dog Show

2014 is the first year in The Westminster Dog Show history that an agility competition event will take place and Affordable Agility, Inc will be at the Hotel Pennsylvania when it happens.

Affordable Agility, Inc is thrilled to be a part of the show at the Hotel Pennsylvania, the hub of all events, in the Green Room Canine Gym catering to the many dogs and owners who will be attending the show and events.

The Westminster Dog Show runs from February 7th through the 11th and boasts attendance of nearly a thousand dogs and owners staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

Here is a teaser from last year’s coverage of the 2013 Westminster Dog Show…

The Dog Agility Event on Saturday, February the 8th on Pier 92 & 94 and is guaranteed to be a huge hit with fans as well as participants. We are excited about this first time event and hope you are able to come watch the fun!

And while we love agility, we don’t want to forget The Breed Show on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th taking place at Madison Square Garden, right across the street from The Hotel Pennsylvania.

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