Advancing the Wobble Board for Teeter / Seesaw Contacts

Here is how Pam advances her dogs on the wobble board.  You will see how confident and at ease Twix is at this point.

This is how training should look, if the dog is scared, nervous, irritated or confused learning will not take place.

Pam really takes her time with her dogs and breaks lessons down into small and obtainable goals for her dogs.

She reminds us that you are building a relationship on trust, confidence and respect first and foremost.

This isn’t always an easy thing to remember, especially when you are working with a fast learner.

It can be equally hard to remember when dealing with a dog that is overcoming fears or insecurities, but it is more true for them.  Don’t give up, just take it slow and keep it upbeat.

Keep in mind you and your dog’s safety is always first and running dog agility should be fun for both of you as well.

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