Advancing the Bang Game Using a Table

It is important to know that this is the fourth step in training the teeter /seesaw and you need to do the previous lessons before starting this lesson.

This is the next step in the “bang game” with Pam and Twix is using the table to allow the dog to run the teeter without full movement.

If you have an adjustable teeter you will not need to run this lesson with the table.

HOWEVER, it is very beneficial to run it this way as it continues to teach your dog to love the sound the teeter will be making when run at full height.

You will see how the previous lessons have taught Twix to be bold with the sound of the teeter and also how to control the 2o2o position even when the teeter pushes back up.

Take your time and keep proofing not advancing until your dog is solid at each new height.

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