Adorable Starbuck vs Dog Agility Zoomies

You hope you never fall victim to SOZS but you never know when your dog just might contract it.

Sudden Onset Zoomies Syndrome is totally unpredictable and there is no way to identify a carrier until the symptoms show.

Steffi Diem and her Klee Kai, Starbuck, start their dog agility debut as any other new team to the sport.

Then it happens, Klee Kai’s tail curls under and she is off to the races as the zoomies take hold.

But, Starbuck does get her wits about her and thankfully her symptoms never come back allowing her to Q in her next three runs and earn her UAGI title.

Remember that just because your first run may not go as planned, it doesn’t have to spoil the rest of the day.

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