Adorable Chihuahuas Showing Their Smarts With Tricks and Dog Agility

Be prepared for cuteness overload, but don’t mistaken these adorable pups for silly little lap dogs.

Watch to the end to see all the tricks these cleaver Chihuahuas have mastered and do so with tails wagging.

I really love the mini agility course as well with all the different obstacles you will never find in competition.

In fact, some of these creative obstacles could add a bit of spice to an agility course and really test your dog’s trust.

A big Kudos to Estonia’s Chihuahua S├Áprade Liit (The Union of the Friends of Chihuahuas) for their imagination and dedication to the small dog.

A an even bigger applause to Dixie, Augusto, Mathilda, Ziara, Pinci and Carlos, the talented Chihuahuas!

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