Actual Removal of a Foxtail From Dog’s Ear

There is no sound to this video as it is the actual scope recording of this veterinarian removing a foxtail from deep inside this dog’s ear where it can cause permanent damage to the eardrum.

The foxtail is the barbed seed heads of certain grasses which can become lodged into a pet’s skin or even burrow into their orifices.

These seeds will not breakdown inside the body and will produce problems until they are removed and should be done so by a licensed veterinarian.

Most commonly talked about in the ears, the foxtail can also lodge into the dog’s nose causing chronic sneezing and runny nose.

They will also work their way into the skin on long or thick coated dogs causing infected lumps as they continue to burrow into the dog.

If you live in an area prone to seeds like the foxtail, make it a point to check your dog daily as this routine alone could save you huge vet bills. Be sure to SHARE this video with all your dog and cat owning friends as well.