A Snake Bite Will Mean No Dog Agility

You are all ready to go outside and jump into the car and head off to dog agility practice when your dog is met by a poisonous snake.

This is only one of many reasons your dog should not rush out the door and should reliably wait for you to ask them to exit.

Pam does a super job of not only demonstrating how to clicker train your dog, but also giving valuable tips as she and Bandit work the lessons.

If you live in an area where a snake at the front door is even remotely possible you will want to incorporate the “snake” as shown.

Everyone should work distractions for their area or dog in the same manner. Get the wait solid and add distractions slowly.

Remember to always make each step easy for your dog to succeed and if you learned from Pam click LIKE and SHARE with someone you know could use the same help.