A-Frame Crash Makes Your Heart Stop

Karine Atlan and Blue Boy had a heart stopping moment when Blue Boy came flying over the top of the A-frame and literally missed the down side.

In this sport there is opportunity for serious injury on almost all the obstacles.

It is easy to forget that this really is an extreme sport until you see crashes like this to help remind us of the dangers involved.

Was it the “running contact” or was the dog trying for a 2on2off contact?  Or did the dog just make a bad call on the obstacle?

Now in no way am I blaming anyone for any of the crashes that I have seen, it is a risk we all do our best to avoid.

Though some crashes could have been avoided with safety equipment such as break away tire obstacles.

Handlers must be diligent in keeping our dogs as safe as possible. It is that attitude that will help make the sport safer.

Sometimes it is due to a lack of preparation and training of the dog on how to handle all the obstacles on course.  Don’t let that happen to you. Get yourself an inexpensive yet durable and safe agility practice set at our store.