4 Must Haves Before Starting Dog Agility Training

Do you want to know why dog agility is so good for your dog no matter age, breed or ability?

Kristin Crestejo talks to dog owners about the 4 Must Haves for a happy dog and guess what?

Dog agility covers every…single…one and you don’t have to think much about it while doing them!

Social interaction, physical exercise, mental exercise, exposure to new surroundings all come with the game.

Even if you live in a remote area and there are no dog agility classes you can attend, trials will expose your dog to all the elements as well.

If you know someone that could use help with their dog in this area, be sure to SHARE this video with them as well as inviting them to give dog agility a try. As an extra bonus they can get a dog agility equipment pack from Affordable Agility right HERE!