2×2 Weave Training With Parson Russell, Skeeter

There are so many videos out now showing the results of 2×2 weave training, but this one really caught my attention.

Knowing first off that terriers are not known for their ease of training made me take a closer look.

You will see this Parson Russell, Skeeter, learn to weave using the 2×2 method with four poles from start to adding a jump.

What I really like is that you get to see some of the mistakes and how this team work through them without loss of drive.

Skeeter learns entries as well in a quick manner again without sacrificing enthusiasm and drive.

This is such a great testimony of how this technique works on even a more difficult breed with awesome results.

And while the owner claims this isn’t a training video it is indeed a great tribute to her ability and the partnership

she is building with her adorable, Skeeter.  This team will be one to watch out for on the dog agility field!

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