2012 IFCS World Dog Agility Relay

This is a three team dog agility relay run at the 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships.

This is the New Zealand Team comprised of Border Collies and a Sheltie.

This was a more challenging course and the handlers really set their dogs up nicely for their lines and the dogs willing pulled off the traps without hesitation.

Each team had a different course to run and that really makes it interesting to watch as well.

Due to quarantine rules New Zealand was running “loaner dogs” instead of their own dogs.  They practice a few days before the competition.

Although the final baton hand off added some time to the run, this team secured their 4th place winning at this World competition with ease.

Great dogs having a blast on the agility course. As the video states that’s what it is about. Joy.  Click LIKE if you enjoyed watching the New Zealand team run a clean relay.