2010 USDAA DAM Team Relay Champions

Terry Smorch with Presto, Kim Cullen with Recess, and Susan Garrett with Feature run a fast and flawless Three Dog Relay race to secure the 2010 USDAA DAM Team Championship.

Although the course itself isn’t extremely difficult there needs to be perfect communication between dog and handler to keep the run tight for the rest of the team.

There is also an extreme amount of self control needed by the dogs as the handler passes the baton and the next team runs off.

You will see Kim put Recess, the middle dog, on a down stay while she runs back to the start to pass Terry the baton so he and Presto can begin the race.

Team work times three in this relay grabbed them the Championship.  Relay is another great way to keep your dog and self challenged, click LIKE if you enjoyed the video then SHARE it with your friends.