Susan Salo Jumping Clinic

Jumping is the main obstacle of almost all agility courses with the exception of tunnelers and hoopers.

It stands to reason then that we really need to spend time on our dog’s performance on the jumps.

I really like the way more people are seeing the value of teaching dogs collection and striding over jumps as well as handling over various combinations of jumps.

This is a neat video because you get to watch some mistakes and the fixes for jump handling as well as the use of grids.

When I started dog agility I was just happy if my dog took the jump.  Now you can teach them to be efficient in their jumping skills before they even take the first jump.

It is really good to see this aspect of dog agility get as much attention to detail as contact obstacles.

I am sure this trend will not only help the dogs run better, but will allow them to run longer with fewer injuries.

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